Benefits of the River Jack Channel Drain: An Attractive & Effective Drainage Solution

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Learn how this drainage system can stand alone or be combined with other solutions to reduce puddling, erosion and excess stormwater issues.

Do you have persistent yard drainage problems, a soggy lawn, water pooling along walkways and patios or downpours eroding soil and mulch along planting beds? It’s high time to consider an effective drainage solution, in particular our versatile River Jack Channel Drain that solves a number of issues. In this blog post, we’ll explore what this type of drainage system is, its best uses and why this solution is so beneficial. Read on to discover how BG Outdoor Services’ River Jack Channel Drain works and how it can solve your own yard drainage problems.


How Does a River Jack Channel Drain Work?

As its name suggests, this type of drain features a decorative river rock channel that stretches along portions of your landscape that require drainage. It can border planting beds or landscaping areas or cut across your lawn. This linear drain can extend as long as you need it to across your property. Depending on your property’s specific drainage issues, it stands alone or can be combined with other solutions to form solve complex requirements.

The River Jack Channel Drain can function perfectly well on its own to help distribute water away from an area with poor drainage. But it can also be combined with the modern EZ-Flow® French Drain solution to help move water further away from highly saturated areas. For example, the same trench used for the decorative river rock can also feature an EZ-Flow® drain pipe below the River Jack Channel Drain. This EZ-Flow® system can connect to stormwater downspout solutions, helping to pipe water away from the foundation below the decorative river rock above helping drain water pooling in the yard.

Before and after shots of a combined River Jack Channel Drain and EZ-Flow® French Drain solution to address excess stormwater from downspouts and pooling near the home’s foundation.

Top Benefits of a River Jack Channel Drain Installation from BG Outdoor Services

When it comes to selection of a long-lasting drainage system that is both highly effective and looks good, the River Jack Channel Drain is an excellent choice. Not only is it easy to maintain and highly effective at removing water over a large surface area, but it can also be customized for volume requirements (how much water it’s capable of handling) and can be combined with other solutions, such as drain pipes to further reduce pooling, erosion and other problems.

At BG Outdoor Services, we have 30+ years of experience customizing and installing industry-leading, long-lasting drainage solutions for thousands of properties across Northern Virginia. We have extensive experience in designing and delivering customized drainage solutions that work with the region’s soil composition (and high red clay content), water retention problems and weather patterns. Modern yard drainage systems are more efficient and durable than ever, enabling our team to install solutions that provide immediate surface water reduction and last for many years. We’re also well-versed in selecting the ideal solution based on your property’s drainage needs, layout, slope as well as your aesthetic desires with below-ground and decorative systems.

Completed River Jack Channel Drain solution, designed to connect to the home’s underground downspout pipe extension while further reducing the surface water drainage challenges present next to the foundation.

Long-lasting Drainage Solutions Designed and Installed by the Region’s Experts

When you need a custom yard drainage solution designed for your property and installed by experienced professionals, reach out to BG Outdoor Services for a free estimate. Our team will design a comprehensive solution that solves your landscape drainage problems, leveraging proven solutions we’ve developed in-house and installed for numerous customers. Whether your landscape needs a River Jack Channel Drain or another drainage solution, we are here to help. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate.

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