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EZ-Flow® French Drain Yard Drainage System Design & Installation

Say Goodbye to Standing Water and Soggy Lawns

Solve Your Yard Drainage Problems with the EZ-Flow® French Drain

BG Outdoor Services has decades of experience installing affordable, lasting EZ-Flow® French Drain solutions tailored to your property’s drainage needs.

Enjoy your outdoors again without having to worry about muddy spots and standing water, temporary solutions such as above-ground drainage pipes or the expense and maintenance associated with traditional French Drain systems.

Improve Lawn &
Landscape Drainage

Prevent Standing Water &
Soggy Lawns

Reduce Mosquito Infestation &
Lawn Disease Conditions

Protect Walkway Stability & Prevent Foundation Cracking

EZ-Flow® – the Modern French Drain Solution for Your Landscape

Our drainage experts know how to design and install a customized, long-lasting EZ-Flow® system to collect and redistribute excess surface water plaguing your property. Rain doesn’t have to ruin your outdoor enjoyment when our team installs a solution guaranteed to fix water retention and topsoil erosion problems.

At BG Outdoor Services, we solve your outdoor drainage issues the first time with the right solution such as EZ-Flow®, the modern French Drain alternative.

Long-Term Solution

Designed to last for 100 years – durable and crush-resistant

Superior Drainage Flow

Engineered for better drainage with higher flow rate capacity

Cost-Effective Installation

Unique design allows faster installation with lower cost to you

Let BG Outdoor Services solve your surface water woes with
long-term drainage solutions – contact us today.

Why BG Outdoor Services is the Region’s Top Yard Drainage Contractor

Serving Northern Virginia for Over 30 Years

Our design and installation experts have decades of experience solving downspout and yard drainage problems throughout the region using modern methods and materials.

Yard Drainage System & Soil Conservation Experts

Our knowledge of the region’s soil composition, water retention problems and weather patterns helps us deliver just the right drainage solution for your landscape.

Custom System Design & Installation

Comprehensive, industry-leading solutions designed exclusively for each property based on landscape features, drainage issues and erosion concerns, professionally installed.

BG Outdoor Services Eliminates Surface Water Problems with EZ-Flow® Yard Drainage Solutions

Puddles that stay on your property can waterlog grass and plant roots, drowning sensitive plants and destroying landscape investments. Standing water contributes to lawn fungus and disease, moss growth and mosquito breeding. Excess downspout runoff that pools next to your home can also crack walkways and foundation walls over time.


Let BG Outdoor Services tailor and install an EZ-Flow® Drain for your lawn that:

  • Prevents puddles and soggy lawns
  • Eliminates standing water in plant beds, gardens and landscape areas
  • Improves soil drainage and plant root health
  • Halts soil erosion
  • Reduces excess stormwater from downspouts

Why BG Outdoor Services Recommends EZ-Flow® Over Traditional French Drain Solutions

  • Reliable system performance
  • Maximum flow rate with better drainage capacity
  • Cost-effective solution and installation
  • Built to last for decades
  • Customizable to property drainage needs
  • Constructed from 100% recycled, environmentally friendly materials
  • Faster installation times

Let BG Outdoor Services solve your surface water woes with
long-term drainage solutions – contact us today.

Benefits of Expertly Installed EZ-Flow® Drain Solutions

Our installation process begins by mapping out the service lines, sprinkler pipes and other underground structures in your yard. We’re sure to preserve the affected grass temporarily displaced by our methodical trench digging while avoiding underground utilities.

After installing the EZ-Flow® system, we return the grass back to its original position as if we were never there. Our experienced professionals ensure you can get back to enjoying your outdoors with our efficient, seamless drainage system installation.

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BG Outdoor Services is a local, family-owned and operated business, serving Northern Virginia since 1988. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our lawn sprinkler design and installation services, annual service plans, irrigation system repair and maintenance services, outdoor lighting solutions and yard drainage systems. Call us or complete our contact form to schedule your no-obligation, free drainage solution estimate.

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