Why Your Property Needs Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting
What are the benefits of outdoor landscape lighting? Cue the "wow" factor and allow us to shed some light on the subject, pun intended.

We realize that the list of basic human needs doesn’t go: food, clothing, shelter … low voltage landscape lighting, but it is one of the coolest things we do. At BG Outdoor Services, we provide customized outdoor improvement solutions tailored to customer needs and property conditions. We offer design, installation, repair, maintenance and tuning of sprinkler systems, drainage solutions and landscape lighting.

While all are useful services that most people will need at some point, landscape lighting has the biggest “wow” factor. Well-designed, properly installed outdoor lighting makes the entire property come alive at night. We joke around the shop, that lighting is as addictive as caffeine, everyone comes back for more.

Honestly, it’s a wonder why more folks don’t have lighting installed, there are plenty of reasons why it’s so beneficial.


The Cost for Landscape Lighting is Reasonable

Now, we’re not saying a professionally installed system with top-of-the-line fixtures is cheap. Compared to most of the DIY junk you can pick up at a big box store, you’re going to spend a few dollars. However, with advances in LED technology bringing the prices of fixtures down, you can have a state-of-the-art system installed for far less than even just a few years ago.

Landscape Lighting Saves Energy

A low-voltage LED fixture uses about one-seventh the energy of a traditional high-voltage one. Even a low-voltage halogen fixture uses a third of the power of high-voltage one but most contractors only install LED bulbs nowadays. In fact, when most folks upgrade their halogen system to LED they save even more on the electric bill. Plus, with LED fixtures most can go 10-15 years between replacing burned-out lamps.

Landscape Lighting Maximizes Your Investment in Landscaping

The enjoyment you get from your landscaping basically ends when night falls unless you have lighting. Whether you have a small patio area for entertaining that you built yourself or a full-blown, professionally landscaped lot that’s the envy of the neighborhood, a landscape lighting system will extend into the wee hours the pleasure you derive from it. Strategically positioned lighting fixtures can light up the best features of your home’s architecture, as well as your landscape, walkways and deck or patio.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting is Cool as Heck

Did we already mention that? Of course, the key to maximizing the coolness factor is to get a good designer. If you get an estimate and the person that only asks you “How many lights do you want?” … you don’t have a good designer. If the estimate is just a fixed multiplier times how many fixtures (for example; $200 times 12 lights = total estimate) … you don’t have a good designer.

A quality landscape lighting designer will meet with you at your home, proud to discuss their craft and hear your vision. Through a little Q&A about your design preferences, a tour of your landscape, examples of different effects and if needed, an evening demo, he or she will develop a plan tailored to you and your property. Like most job titles that contain the word “designer,” a landscape lighting designer in an artist. The rule of thumb our designers follow is to work with the homeowner to settle on a few dramatic effects for an initial installation. Once the system is set up properly, it is easy to add to with additional fixtures. And like we said before, everyone comes back for more.

At BG Outdoor Services, our goal is to design, install and set up your dream landscape lighting system. Get started with one of our experienced landscape lighting designers to see how you can light up the best of your property at night. Reach out to us for a free consultation today.

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