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Well-Maintained Sprinklers Deliver Efficient Watering & Lush Lawns

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Need professional repairs for your sprinkler system? Call today.

Why Choose BG Outdoor Services' Expert Sprinkler Services

Comprehensive Sprinkler System Diagnoses & Repairs

Sprinkler Head Tuning (Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated)
Decades of experience in diagnosing issues, repairing leaks, fixing pressure problems and more from minor parts replacement to major system-wide repairs to deliver peak system performance.

Ongoing Maintenance Services & Performance Tuning for All Major Sprinkler Brands

We provide precise maintenance services including system performance evaluations, head and zone adjustments, controller programming updates and repair recommendations.

Certified Irrigation Technicians with Water Conservation Expertise

Our team of Certified Irrigation Technicians is highly trained in sprinkler technologies and helps ensure your system operates in the most conservation possible fashion, reducing runoff and erosion while providing adequate water for your lawn.

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Northern Virginia Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance Services by Certified Irrigation Technicians

Residential & Commercial Sprinkler
Repairs & Maintenance

BG Outdoor Services’ highly trained, certified technicians are experts at keeping your system operating efficiently. With professional troubleshooting, repairs, parts replacement and upgrades, we fix and maintain your sprinkler system so your landscape can thrive.

Irrigation System Audits

To conserve water and save you money, we offer comprehensive sprinkler audits to uncover system inefficiencies, check controller programming, document adjustments due to changes in landscaping, nozzle selection and unseen issues, then provide an estimate for recommended modifications and adjustments if needed. Proper system programming is essential to avoid underwatering or overwatering your lawn. Trust BG Outdoor Services to advise you on the right watering schedule to strengthen the root system of your turf grass and plants to withstand drought and other environmental stressors.

Sprinkler Service Plans

Get annual coverage for your irrigation system with a sprinkler service plan designed to improve performance, boost water conservation and extend its lifespan. Our team of trained and certified technicians help prime your system for the start and end of the watering season, program your controller and adjust and tune your system for improved performance, customized to your property. Enjoy peace of mind, priority scheduling, plus discounts on parts, labor, backflow testing, system upgrades and more with an annual sprinkler system service plan.

Sprinkler System Turn-Ons

BG Outdoor Services’ spring sprinkler turn-on service includes activating, inspecting, testing, programming and tuning your lawn irrigation system for optimal performance throughout the season. We program your system for proper watering (time of day and duration) to reduce the risk of water waste in the form of runoff or evaporation. Our technicians are trained to observe each zone in action in case adjustments are needed.

Sprinkler Winterization

Proper sprinkler winterization is an essential annual service we perform to extend the life of your sprinkler system and protect your investment against Northern Virginia’s freezing winter temperatures. This service includes checking for leaks and blowing out water from the system to help prevent freezing, expansion and breakage of system components.

Need professional repairs for your sprinkler system? Call today.

BG Outdoor Services Works for You

BG Outdoor Services is a local, family-owned and operated business, serving Northern Virginia since 1988. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our lawn sprinkler design and installation services, annual service plans, irrigation system repair and maintenance services, outdoor lighting solutions and yard drainage systems. Call us or complete our contact form to get started.

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