Winterization Sprinkler Service Preparation Instructions

Please review and/or print out the instructions below to prepare your sprinkler system for winterization prior to our technician’s arrival.

IMPORTANT ‒ So that we can complete your fall closing service properly, and to avoid unnecessary delays (or charges), here are the things we’ll need you to do before our technician arrives:


Turn Off Water to Sprinkler System

  • Turn the sprinkler main water valve OFF inside your home (if your sprinkler plumbing is in your basement).
  • Provide our technician access to your controller (as required or applicable).

Avoid Potential Damage & Delays

Because there’s such a very short period of time for us to winterize everyone’s sprinkler system, not following the above steps may void your guarantee against freeze damage, void any applicable warranty and/or may result in a $50.00 missed appointment charge.

Backflow Devices

When we’ve completed your service – if applicable – our technician will leave your detachable backflow device for you to store. It’s important to keep it indoors in a warm place until we need it to complete your spring start-up … your front hall closet may be an ideal place; do NOT store it in an unheated space such as your garage.

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