The Best Lawn Sprinkler System to Save You Time, Money and Effort

Discover how a smart lawn sprinkler system operates and why it offers numerous benefits for your lawn, landscape, wallet and time.

If you’re tired of lugging the hose around your yard, wasting water and time and dealing with uneven watering results, it’s time to make a change. You deserve a beautiful, lush lawn without having to spend a great deal of time manually watering it. The best lawn sprinkler system to save you time, money and effort is a Wifi-enabled, smart lawn sprinkler.


What is a Smart Sprinkler System?

You likely know the basics about in-ground automatic irrigation systems, even if you don’t have one installed on your property. These types of sprinklers are programmed to water at set times and durations throughout the week. However, the homeowner is responsible for changing the programmed watering schedule according to the weather and seasons. Even if it’s currently raining cats and dogs, if your irrigation system is programmed to run, it will water in the rain. To avoid this issue, some homeowners have a rain sensor installed. But rain sensors are not error-free. They can take time to dry out after registering water, leaving your lawn quite literally out to dry if the rainfall was insufficient.

On the other hand, an in-ground sprinkler system equipped with a smart controller waters only as needed based on real-time local weather patterns. A smart controller is more than just a rain sensor. Not only does it use past and current weather data to adjust daily and seasonal watering schedules, it also calculates the amount and speed of rainfall into watering.

Remember that the soil can only absorb so much water at one time. If a fast-moving storm comes through, the total amount of precipitation will differ from the “effective” rainfall. Your smart controller will calculate the amount of effective rainfall for each zone based on preprogrammed data on the slope, sun exposure and soil type. Then, it adjusts the watering duration for each zone based on those results.

Features & Benefits of a Water-Smart, Self-Adjusting Lawn Irrigation System

Increased Watering Efficiency that Gives You Back Your Free Time

Eliminate time spent moving and repositioning the hose around the yard, checking anticipated rainfall to adjust watering programming and using your free time to water the lawn. A smart sprinkler system is good to go after completing programming, so you save significant time and no longer have to maintain and adjust watering schedules.

1. Reduced Water Waste Thanks to Weather-Intelligent Capabilities

An EPA WaterSense Certified irrigation controller is guaranteed to deliver precise watering for each section of your lawn accordingly. You no longer have to worry about overwatering or underwatering. Even better, the system will water at the appropriate time of day and duration for the soil to absorb the most moisture without risk of runoff or evaporation. That’s water conservation for the win.

2. Saved Money Due to Smart, Self-Adjusting Programming

Enjoy up to 30% water savings from an automatic irrigation system, and up to 75% water savings from manual watering methods when you upgrade to a smart sprinkler controller and system. By watering only as much as is needed, and taking into account the rate at which soil absorbs water, a smart lawn sprinkler offers you significant savings.

3. Improved Watering Results for Your Lawn and Landscape

Improve your curb appeal and get the healthy, green lawn you’ve always wanted. Designate zones based on characteristics and watering needs to ensure every part of your lawn, garden, planting beds and landscape investment receive the right amount of moisture. Use pre-set programs for watering schedules or customize as you desire.

4. Increased Convenience with Off-Site Control Capabilities via Smart Device

BG Outdoor Services’ premier choice for smart lawn sprinkler controllers offers the ability to control your sprinkler system with an app from your smart device. Control your sprinkler system remotely, use voice commands for enhanced convenience and receive live notifications about adjustments.

Upgrade to a Smart Lawn Sprinkler Today

A smart lawn sprinkler system is a worthwhile investment that helps with water conservation while maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn and landscape, all while saving you money and time. Imagine how you could monitor your irrigation system’s watering schedules from your phone while you’re on vacation, and discover your system has already made programming changes based on local weather. You no longer have to worry about overwatering and wasting water, or returning home to a dead lawn and plants with a smart system that runs and adjusts itself. Now that you don’t need to get up early and adjust watering times or hand water, imagine what you will do with your extra free time.

Contact BG Outdoor Services for more information on the benefits of installing a smart sprinkler system. We offer free consultations along with in-person evaluations and develop a customized lawn sprinkler system design for your property. Reach out to a member of our team today.

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