The Best Time for a Sprinkler System is “Right Now”

Discover why now is the right time to install an in-ground sprinkler system designed for maximum water conservation on your property.

At BG Outdoor Services, we are often asked “When is the best time to get a sprinkler system installed?” While our answer is usually the same, “Right now,” it’s often looked at with a bit of a jaundiced eye because we sell sprinkler systems for a living. That being said, if we were to give an unbiased, well-thought-out answer considering every variable, we would have to say … right now.


The Best Time to Install an In-ground Irrigation System

In every season, there are advantages and drawbacks to installing a sprinkler system. Let’s explore the benefits and disadvantages of each one as we delve into when is the right time for you to get your irrigation system installed.

Winter Sprinkler Installation:

“Why on earth should I get a sprinkler system installed during winter?” you may wonder. Winter installation contracts are often most cost-effective for homeowners. It’s that simple, folks. At the height of off-season, irrigation contractors usually roll out their best offers. Come the start of the new year, the cost of materials goes up as suppliers make year-end profit/loss assessments, so contractors adjust their prices as necessary in time for the busy season ahead.

Contractors prefer to get a head start on installations in the winter so they can get more systems ready to go by the growing season. That way, those homeowners who jumped on winter sales and got their systems installed early can simply have their system turned on, programmed for the right watering schedules and dive into spring or summer with a healthy, beautiful lawn and landscape. In addition, most warranties and service agreements commence with the activation of the system come spring turn-on time.

Spring Sprinkler Installation:

As demand for sprinkler system installation in Northern Virginia begins to ramp up in the spring, that means contractors have higher prices and busier schedules. However, not all is lost. The cool-season grasses that thrive best in our area in spring and fall tend to suffer the most during summer’s brutal, scorching heat. Hand watering a lawn and planting beds is difficult, time-consuming and often not as effective or cost-efficient as an automatic sprinkler. So the benefit of having an irrigation system installed in spring is that you’re ready to keep your lawn strong and healthy during extreme summer stressors.

Summer Sprinkler Installation:

Summer is hands-down the busiest time of year to get a sprinkler system installed in our region. Irrigation contractors are often booked months in advance, so you could be waiting quite awhile as your lawn suffers. The heat of summer can push inadequately watered and shallow-rooted lawns to the brink.

Without enough water to encourage healthy root systems, grass can and does die out. It’s important to note that our NOVA clay soils can get so hot and dry that contractors are sometimes unable to bury irrigation pipes to the proper depth, which is why this season is perhaps the least advantageous time for installations. But homeowners who finally choose to get an irrigation system installed in summer can help their lawns recover in the growing season come fall with proper seeding and watering.

Fall Sprinkler Installation:

Though most people consider spring the official growing season, the cool-season grasses that flourish in Northern Virginia thrive extremely well during fall. If there’s one season where homeowners need to ensure they’re watering well and thoroughly after extreme stress, it’s autumn. Plus homeowners won’t have to wait for months for irrigation installation. As the summer rush ends, contractors begin to have openings in their installation schedules once again. By late fall, they tend to offer seasonal discounts as well. In summary, fall sprinkler system installation is often most beneficial for homeowners’ wallets and schedule as well as their lawn’s health.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation from NOVA’s Leading Irrigation Contractor

BG Outdoor Services is a leader in water-conserving irrigation system installations, maintenance, repairs and upgrades. We’ve been serving Northern Virginia homeowners for over three decades with irrigation systems that we design for each property. If you think it’s time to install an in-ground sprinkler system, reach out to our team. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation and free irrigation system estimate.

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