‘Tis the Season (To Revamp Your Old Lights)

Whether you need controller and lighting fixture upgrades or a total redesign, it's time to revamp your outdoor landscape lighting system.

With the recent end of Daylight Savings Time, thoughts vary as we turn back our clocks. Gaining a precious hour of sleep. Driving home from work in the pitch dark. In our business, the wee hours of the first Sunday in November signal the start of Outdoor Lighting Season (aka the most wonderful time of the year).

“Wonderful” because our team sincerely enjoys designing and installing beautiful landscape lighting systems customized to our customer’s design preferences. Of course, installing a water-conserving sprinkler system or solving a drainage problem that’s plagued a client for years can be pretty satisfying. None of it, however, is as dramatic as turning on a tasteful, well-designed landscape lighting system for the first time and hearing the ooohs and aaaahs.

While we love to design new lighting systems, nearly half of the lighting are from folks who are unhappy with their older, existing system. In some cases it’s a perfectly well-designed system, it just needs to be upgraded from old halogen lights to LED (halogen lights burn out 10-20 times faster than LED and require a much greater power draw). However, many of these calls are from regretful homeowners that got saddled with systems of poor design, cheap fixtures, lousy installation or some combination of the three. This makes our team of outdoor lighting enthusiasts quite sad.

The responsibility lies directly with the deck builders, landscapers and electricians that offer lighting as an ‘add-on’ service and have no sense of design or desire to use quality materials. They put in a cheap system with little effort and are happy as long as they get paid.

If you have a landscape lighting system that’s less than satisfactory, don’t wait. Make the call and schedule a qualified landscape lighting designer to come out and see what can be done. In many cases, old components can be reused or upgraded which can save a fair amount of cash. Learn about your options for improving the system you’re unhappy with today.

Contact us at BG Outdoor Services to get started with our team of landscape lighting professionals, ready to serve your every need, from installation to repairs, from routine maintenance to upgrades. Our goal this season is to make you happy by illuminating your deck, patio, walkways, architecture and landscape features. After all… ‘tis the season… (lighting season that is).

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