Why Does My Yard Have Standing Water – and What Can I Do About It?

Find out the risks and common causes of standing water and soggy lawns, then learn about the best long-term yard drainage solutions.

Having a beautiful yard is a dream for many homeowners. Not only does a lush lawn add to your property’s value, it also allows your family to better enjoy your home’s outdoor living spaces. A yard with standing water may not add much – other than frustration – to your life. If you’re at your wits’ end and aren’t sure how to fix the drainage problem, here’s what you need to know and who can assist you with the problem.


The Risks of Standing Water

First, let’s explore why standing water matters. This type of drainage problem doesn’t look very appealing. It can be a real eyesore, particularly if you’ve devoted a lot of effort to improving the rest of your yard. However, standing water is more than just unsightly; it can also result in unsafe consequences. It can kill your grass and plantings, harm your home’s foundation and attract mosquitoes and other pests. Even if you’re not all that concerned about the look of your yard, you’ll want to get rid of standing water to help prevent these other issues.

Reasons You Might Have Standing Water

There are many potential causes for standing or pooling water. For example, homeowners might be too eager when watering their lawns. If they cut back on how often they run their sprinkler system, they might be able to eliminate the problem. But in other cases, the issue may go a lot deeper. Improper lawn grading (leveling) may cause water to collect in low spots, rather than having a slope guide the water towards a sewer or the street. Your property’s soil type could also cause standing water to form, as the typical clay-based soils found in the Northern Virginia region are naturally less able to drain water efficiently. A lawn that’s covered in leaves and grass clippings can also keep water from permeating into the soil properly.

Essentially, a variety of reasons can be to blame for the standing water. If this is a problem you’re experiencing, it’s time to consider innovative drainage and erosion solutions to nip it in the bud.

What to Do About Standing Water?

Depending on where the standing water puddles in your yard, professional drainage contractors offer a variety of solutions specific to the nature of your problem. Excessive runoff near the base of your home could cause foundation cracking and basement leaks, meaning you would need a solution that diverts the water away from the house. Installing an underground pipe with a built-in catch basin at the exit point of the downspout can offer a permanent solution for that issue or others. Planting beds suffering from excess water can also be revived with the installation of a catch basin and the recommended atrium gates (a measure to prevent root drowning and rot). For standing water attributed to either dips and low spots or compacted soil preventing drainage, EZ-Flow drain systems and Flo-Well stormwater retention systems offer solutions by capturing water to slowly percolate back into the soil. Homeowners recognize the value of professional landscaping services – according to a recent survey, 67% of respondents agree that professional landscaping would allow them to have a nicer yard. If you’re dealing with a high water table, other proposed solutions include deeper lawn borders, raised flower beds and alternative plants to ensure your garden thrives.

If excessive runoff and/or stagnant water is a pervasive problem on your property, it’s time to take action. Explore permanent yard drainage solutions offered by a reputable soil conservation professional, rather than trying to fix it yourself. For more information on our drainage solutions and on choosing the best option for your property, please contact BG Outdoor Services today.

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