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Customized, Long-lasting Outdoor Drainage Solutions

Highly trained professionals analyze, diagnose and recommend long-lasting solutions to stormwater runoff and downspout drainage issues that affect lawns and your outdoor enjoyment.

Improve Lawn &
Plant Root Drainage

Prevent Standing Water &
Soggy Lawns

Reduce Mosquito Infestation &
Lawn Disease Conditions

Protect Walkway Stability & Prevent Foundation Cracking

Say goodbye to standing water and muddy footprints – contact us today.

Why BG Outdoor Services is the Region’s Top Yard Drainage Contractor

Serving Northern Virginia for Over 30 Years

Our design and installation experts have decades of experience solving downspout and yard drainage problems throughout the region using modern methods and materials.

Yard Drainage System & Soil Conservation Experts

Our knowledge of the region’s soil composition, water retention problems and weather patterns helps us deliver just the right drainage solution for your landscape.

Custom System Design & Installation

Comprehensive, industry-leading solutions designed exclusively for each property based on landscape features, drainage issues and erosion concerns, professionally installed.

What Our Customers are Saying

Affordable, Lasting Solutions Tailored to Your Property’s Drainage Needs by the Region’s Top Drainage Contractor

Prevent Standing Water in Dips & Low Spots

Water puddles that persist long after rainstorms create a muddy mess, threaten affected grass, promote moss growth and serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Soggy lawns are inconvenient and prevent outdoor enjoyment, especially as the standing water creates additional problems that plague your health (mosquito bites) and that of your turf grass.

Our EZ-Flow® gravel-free alternative to traditional French Drain systems collects surface water, distributing into the subsoil. This solution ensures your lawn is not plagued by puddles that refuse to disappear long after the rains subside. The reduction of excess water helps ensure healthy turf instead of muddy paws and shoes.

Improve Poor Soil Drainage Conditions and Prevent Soil Erosion

With nowhere to send the water that naturally accumulates due to low spots, or poor slope and soil conditions, storms can cause puddles that persist, leading to disease and fungus in your yard and gradual sloping or sinking of walkways. Over time, without healthy grass and a solution to the oversaturation of groundwater, the flow of water will continue to erode the soil, worsening the problem.

Our Flo-Well® stormwater retention system captures excess water so it can slowly leach into the soil instead of oversaturating your yard. This solution protects the health of your lawn and the stability of your walkways and reduces the soil erosion that would otherwise compound the problem.

Eliminate Standing Water in Planting Areas

Since plants need sufficient oxygen to survive, excess water can drown your shrubs, trees, ornamentals, flowers and other sensitive plants, wiping out your landscape investment. Waterlogged roots are susceptible to decay, and without the lack of support, trees and other heavier shrubs can die or, in extreme cases, topple over.

Installing catch basins and atrium grates protects root systems from rot by drawing water away from garden and landscape areas prone to puddling. BG Outdoor Services helps you overcome the poor soil drainage conditions which are worsened by shallow root systems and red clay to cultivate a beautiful landscape.

Reduce Excessive Water from Downspouts

Without proper drainage, excess groundwater around foundation and basement walls can cause damage, cracking to let water inside, damaging your walls and floors, promoting unhealthy mold and mildew as well. This poses a serious risk to your home’s structural integrity and your health. The excess water that accumulates from downspouts can also destabilize and crack walkways.

Connecting your downspout to an underground pipe with a built-in catch basin diverts water safely away from your foundation. Protect your most important investment, your home, with a lasting solution that prevents such danger to your foundation and basement.

BG Outdoor Services Works for You

BG Outdoor Services is a local, family-owned and operated business, serving Northern Virginia since 1988. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our lawn sprinkler design and installation services, irrigation system repair and maintenance services, outdoor lighting solutions and yard drainage systems. Call us or complete our contact form to schedule your no-obligation, free drainage solution estimate.

Say goodbye to standing water and muddy footprints – contact us today.

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